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Voices from the Chinese Diaspora

in Spain

In response to the rise of anti-Chinese rhetoric resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, members of Spain’s Chinese community began to speak out on social media using the hashtag #NoSoyUnVirus in early 2020.

These reactions are one manifestation of how, in the last decade, a new generation of Spaniards of Chinese descent have started to form social networks and build new forms of activism. While most of this emerging discourse has taken place on social media platforms, our event, “​Pensando ​Xībānyá​” aims to bring visibility to Spain's Chinese community by highlighting the work of Chinese Spanish artists, authors, and activists through a virtual lecture series to be co-sponsored by Stony Brook University and Skidmore College.

The goal of the plattform is to provide a forum for an interdisciplinary group of voices to speak about Chinese identity in Spain and the #NoSoyUnVirus movement.

Illustration by Quan Zhou Wu 

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