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Antonio Liu Yang



Intercultural consultant, lawyer and multi-sector project manager. Born in China and raised on the Spanish coast, Liu Yang studied law in Valencia with a focus on international trade. Based on his experience with various agencies and consultees, he created Mediterrasian Consulting, providing consultant services for a range of institutions. He also serves on the faculty of the Universidad Católica San Vicente Mártir de Valencia as a professor of Chinese culture and language. He has also taught and coordinated workshops as intercultural training for different companies.

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Berna Wang dic2020.jpeg

Berna Wang 

Professional translator, editor and writer


She has been working as a translator specializing in human rights (for Amnesty International) since 1984 and, later, in Tibetan Buddhism. She has also coordinated and taught courses and workshops on writing and creative writing at various institutions for over ten years. Her publications include two books of poetry Pequeños accidentes caseros and La mirada oblicua, and her writing was featured in the anthology La escritura plural: 33 poetas entre la dispersión y la continuidad de una cultura. Her latest work, Cosas que me explica mi madre, was written with a Madrid regional government grant for literary creation.

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Chenta Tsai  

Artist and performer

Internationally recognized musician, writer, and activist. Their provocative stage name—Putochinomaricón—has garnered the performer extensive press coverage in Spain and abroad. Tsai’s music challenges the genre boundaries of contemporary pop and their witty lyrics levy incisive critiques of issues related to gender and race in twenty-first century Spain. In addition to their work as a musician, Tsai is also known for their regular column in El País, the largest national newspaper in Spain, and for their first book, Arroz tres delicias, which was published in 2019.

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Jiajie Yu Yan 


Filmmaker. Born and raised in Barcelona. He is best known by his short film Xiao Xian, the first mandarin-language film nominated for a Goya Award. He studied film in Barcelona and Madrid and his work has won awards at the Thailand International Film Destination Festival and has been screened at more than forty international film festivals.

Currently, Yu Yan is working on his first feature film, San Dai Shi Guang, a multigenerational tale about Chinese women in Spain. The project has been selected for the Residencia de la Academia de Cine.

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Inés Herrero 

Founder of Antirracismo Asiático

Founder of Antirracismo Asiático, an online platform that aims to build networks of mutual support and bring visiblity to the racism experienced by the Chinese community in Spain, with a focus on the experience of adoptees from China.

This project draws on Herrero’s personal experiences. She was born in Jiangsu, China, where she resided in an orphanage until her mother adopted her and brought her to Cantabria, Spain, where she grew up. She is currently based in Salamanca, where she studies Spanish letters and is working on an undergraduate thesis on second first language acquisition among Chinese adoptees.

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Paloma Chen


First-generation Spanish journalist, writer and cultural manager. Born to parents from Wenzhou, Chen’s childhood experiences inspired “Crecer en un chino,” a piece of investigative journalism published in El Salto. Chen currently works at the Transnational Migrant Platfom-Europe. She also writes for mediums ike El País and À Punt.

She collaborates and co-managed Tusanaje, a platform that gives voice to Chinese descents in Spanish-speaking countries. In 2020, she was awarded with the Premio Nacional de Poesía Viva "L de Lírica" 2020 for her poetry, which explores intercultural identity.

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Quan Zhou


Author, illustrator, graphic novelist and UX designer. Born in Algeciras, Andalucía, Zhou Wu drew on her experiences as a Spaniard of Chinese descent for her webcomic Gazpacho Agridulce. In 2015, Asteberri published Zhou Wu’s first graphic novel Gazpacho Agridulce, and in 2017 the sequel, Andaluchinas por el mundo, was released.  Throughout her work, Zhou Wu explores the complexities of fluid identities with humor and great insight.  In 2020, she published Gente de aquí, gente de allí, a graphic essay about prejudice, belonging, and what it means to be Spanish.

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Susana Ye


Susana Ye is a Madrid-based digital journalist who specializes in human rights and international relations. Her work focuses on racial and ethnic identities, mental health and gender inequality. She has worked as content curator (Upday), reporter for a range of publications (Business Insider, El País, El Mundo) and has contributed to various Spanish media outlets. As a filmmaker, Ye wrote and directed the documentary Chiñoles y bananas. The first documentary to explore Chinese-Spanish identity, Chiñoles y bananas was produced in 2015 and released in 2016.

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Yue Fu

Intercultural mediator at Collective "Liwai"

Intercultural mediator who works with the Chinese community of Madrid, particularly in the neighborhood of Usera. She moved to Spain from China with her parents when she was 14 years old, later graduating with a degree in Psychology and a master’s in social work.

Her personal experience as a migrant led her to co-found the association Liwai Accion Intercultural, an organization dedicated to serving as a “link” between the Chinese community and the rest of Spanish society.

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